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The Trip! Jan. 19th Show- Cars! Cars! Cars!

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    The Setlist: 


    joe strummer & the latino rockabilly war- passport to detroit
    the satintones- motor city
    the duals- stick shift
    the beach boys- custom machine
    the who- motoring
    chuck berry- jaguar nand the thunderbird
    the stray cats- look at that cadillac
    john mayall- gasoline blues
    the kinks- drivin'
    super chikan- el camino
    the knights- hot rod high
    big jim & the branders- the speed demons
    the del-gators- car trouble
    the royal shandels- be careful with your carful
    frijid pink- drivin blues
    the dictators- (i live for) cars and girls
    the four speeds- r.p.m.
    gary numan- cars
    iggy pop- repo man