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CIUT's Fall Membership Drive 2010 start's here!

  • Howdy all;

    Yes it's that time of year again; CIUT is doing it's Fall Membership drive starting next Monday Oct.18.

    As you know CIUT is a non-profit community radio station which relies on it's listenership for support. We run few ads so we can run more tunes. More rock less talk. CIUT is largely volunteer run with programmers mostly buying our own tunes, yet we still have bills to pay to keep the lights on and the music flowing. That's why we have to come to you for a week starting next Monday.

    As for me I am covering two shows; my main show "Moondog's Ballroom" Tuesdays at 5pm and "CIUT Live" Mondays at 6pm.

    "Moondog's Ballroom" plays loads of traditional Rock and Roll (in capitals),from the 1950's to today w/ rockabilly, garage, surf, punk, cowpunk, country rock, folk rock, psyche, blues, doo wop and honky tonk, with lots of Canadian and local bands.

    "CIUT Live" is Toronto's only weekly forum for live bands on the air. This is a new show that has only been on air since spring but we have already had a variety of local bands from different genres down in the studios playing live including; Youth Crime, The Swingin' Blackjacks, Speaking Tongues, CATL, Luau or Die, Canteen Knockout, Gerry Alvarez and Ronnie Hayward as well as out of towners like Split Lip Rayfield and The Fruit Bats. I've got more planned in the upcoming months including The Cynics (from Pittsburgh), The Grapes of Wrath, The Rizdales, The Hoas Hoas and lots more.

    But I need your support to keep these shows on the air.

    So tune in next Monday and Tuesday to CIUT 89.5fm and phone our pledge line or go RIGHT NOW to our website @

    1. Call our pledge line - 416-946-7800; or toll-free at 1-888-204-8976 during the campaign from Oct. 18th-24th, ONLY.

    2. Call 416-978-0909 ext. 209 before or after the membership drive, BUT not during the campaign.

    3. With any major credit card on our website at (this is a secure server)

    4. Stop by in person any weekday duirng office hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00am-6:00pm. (Extended hours during campaign, only)

    5. Download a printable form (pdf) available on the website: and mail a cheque or money order.

    Becoming a member of CIUT costs just $25. that's like the price of two cds. or one if it's an import!

    Lest you think that we just wanna take your hard earned cash, we also have givaways happening, including a trip for two to Jamaica which will come in handy once the snow starts flying. But you have to pledge to get a chance to win it.

    Also if you make a pledge $50 (ie $25 each on Monday & Tuesday) you, yes you, can come down and host a show sometime this year and be DJ for a day on CIUT! Play your fave tunes, play your all your own tunes, consider the possibilities. And call in and join up and become a member of CIUT.

    Note that CIUT is a registered charity and your donations are tax deductible for you respectable law abiding folk.

    Oct.18th; Listen in, Phone in and join up!