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Bubblegum Fuzz #2

  • Lent! Dead Monkees! Silent G's and N's! With all this turmoil going on, it's a miracle we can bring you this podcast!


    GUIDA: Racey Roller


    RETURNABLES: Road Trip

    PLASTIC BERTRAND: Pognon Pognon

    DWARVES: Zip Zero

    ASTRONAUTS: I'm A Fool


    INFECTIONS: Zombie

    BARERRACUDAS: The Lurker

    SUBS: Gimme Your Heart

    SUGAR STEMS: Greatest Pretender


    BLITZZ: You Got What You Want

    GREG KIHN BAND: Museum

    THE PROOF: I Want You

    VON ZIPPERS: Truckstop Nun


    MONKEES: She Hangs Out

    NOBUNNY: Never Been Kissed

    HUNX: Do You Remember Being A Roller?

    LEN PRICE 3: Medway Eye


    MONKEES: Star Collector