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BASEMENTS - IM DEAD LP/CD Lost In Tyme Records




                                 Tittle:            IM DEAD    

                       Release date:            June  2012

                              Cat. No.             LIT 33 - 001

                               Format:            LP/CD

                           File under:            Garage psych

                          For fans of:            60’s and 80’s garage scene

                                    Country:            GREECE

    After their debut “Heart of stone” 7”ep on Lost In Tyme Records, the garage psych band from Thessaloniki, Greece strikes back with a brand new release. Their debut album “I’m Dead” contains 12 original recordings that will blow your mynd with their US 60’s & 80’s inspired garage psych tunes.  Limited edition release of 350 black, 150 purple vinyl pieces and 300 cd.

    “Couped up in the lower quarters of their collective dwelling house bravely trying to capture the impulses and absorb all the raw electrical vibrations of the city before they are flitted up and out into the ether - into society's upper echelons and beyond. A young quintet from Thessaloniki fed from an endless succession of loud plasticised aural delights culled from a bygone age and ceremoniously beamed down to them from strange gatherings of well-wishers and soothsayers. They exist many days now on nothing more than this strict diet of guitars, organ, drums, harmonica, maracas and vocals. They are The Basements and they have now arrived to the ongoing party fueled by the cacophonous fuzz-buzz jet-roar of travelling everywhere anytime, their journey only occasionally infiltrated with the here-it-is-again clang of daybreak, to climb amidst the toils, spoils and peculiar stresses of inescapable modernity; of life to be lived and died in the fast-burning, stomach-churning candle wick reality of the clock-bating new world. Only time will tell if once more they'll poke their heads above the paraquet to crawl among the ruins for truths they seek to uncover!”  Lenny Helsing

           Side A:

    1. Wrong
    2. Wise man
    3. Travel every night
    4. I don’t want you no more
    5. Stray mood
    6. Im dead


          Side B:

    1. What’s going on
    2. Go away
    3. I wanna come back
    4. She put me down
    5. Run away run
    6. Hands of time


    GET YOUR CD COPY FOR 11 EURO (Postage included for everywhere in the world)
    Black  vinyl 12 euro plus postage
    Purple vinyl 13 euro plus postage

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