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Motteys Garage Punk 48

  • Recorded this a few weeks back for Garage Punk Pirate kept starring at me..I kept starring at it...

    youth bitch straight to hell america's newest hit makers
    the slow death a little less ugly add records jesse thorson no heaven 
    the legendary san diego chargers you will find true love on flag day givem enough booze ep

    the muffs weird boy next door whoop dee doo new muffs
    loose lips jones st boneyard talkin trash 99 tko records
    terry malts dont off Insides EP (2014, Slumberland)

    the shirks dc is doomed 7 inch 
    3ft your death 3ft detroit 
    anna & the pyschomen dressed in black my baby needs me to rocknroll

    guitar wolf summertime blues jet generation
    hansome jack between the lines do what comes naturally
    obnox too punk shakur from new lp 'Boogalou Reed.'
    the hentchmen me and my monotone hentch forth fiveatics

    mordecai neils generator the bird 
    the problematics come inside the kids alll suck
    bantam rooster catfight
    prince in the living room prince




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