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Mottey's GaragePunk 33 Faves of 2013

  • Mottey's Garagepunk #33 Faves of 2013

    Hate doing shows like this but it did turn out fun...started out like this great big pop show 

    and took off from there....posted during the grammys..oh boy do I got to do a show about

    that disaster. 

    bunch of songs i liked last year

    the monsieurs at the hop the rock the night
    japanther stolen flowers ealt like lisa act like bart
    nightmare boyzzz problem child bad patternS
    the primitives the osterich
    bass drums of death shattered me bass drums of death
    low culture modern world screens

    radioactivity locked in my head radioactivity

    thee boas rats thee boas
    the slow death i need a drink no heaven

    autodramatics find the gun emothional static

    the shirks i dont want to work it the shirks

    uh bones only you only you ep
    gino and the goons hypnotic pLay loud

    fidlar wake bake skate fidlar
    the dark colors since 1685 midnight train

    apa state mental run run run beach music ep
    traumahelikopter kids traumahelikopter

    rajayttajat track 9
    guida get the goal lets do it again

    the frights freaking me out the frights
    tim timebomb brown eyed girl singles





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  • Leeroy1969
    Leeroy1969 Thanks be to ye Mr Mottey, I do digs your shit, Cheers
    February 1, 2014