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Shadows In The Void #9


    Shadows In The Void #9 on GaragePunk Pirate Radio.

    Get yours ears BENT baby !!!


    Shadows In The Void #9 by Thescreaminsoulpreacher on Mixcloud




    Here’s the playlist :

    “’Ation”- Cuntz (from the “Solid Mates” lp on Homeless)

    “Nothing Means Nothing To Me Anymore”- Alley Cats (from the 7” on DangerHouse)

    “Survive”- Bags (from the “DangerHouse vol.1” compilation lp on Frontier)

    “Streets Of Rage”- Buck Biloxi and the Fucks (from the “Streets Of Rage” lp on Hozac)

    “Hit And Run”- Jack Ruby (from the 7” reissue on Saturday)

    “Violence”- The Coneheads (from “L.P.1.” on Erste Theke Tonträger)

    “Violence”- Black Panties (from the 7” on Total Punk)

    “Hiding In My Car”- Sector Zero (from the 7” on Goner)

    “Rats In The Gas Tank”- Ex-Cult (from the “Cigarette Machine” ep on Castle Face)

    “Nothing Lasts Forever”- Video (from the “The Entertainers” lp on Third Man)

    “No !”- The Human Switchboard (from the 7” on Clone)

    “Peste Noire”- Warum Joe (from the “Dans Le Blizzard” ep on New Rose)

    “Crise Boursière”- Pierre & Bastien (from the 7” on Flow)

    “Get Bent Baby”- Teenage Chainsaw (from the “Is A Buzzkill” mp3 ep I put on a hometape for my own hissening pleasure !)

    “Wasted Youth”- Mecht Mensch (from the “Demolition 2- Killed By Hardcore” compilation lp on Disco Trend 38)

    “Drunk & Crazy”- Fang (from the “Landshark !” ep reissue on Boner /Revolver)

    “Punch Little Babies”- Future Hate (mp4 from the “Future Hate” album, thank you Dennis)

    “Low Life”- Modern Needs ( from the 7” on Goodbye Boozy)

    “Junk”- Lullabies (from the “Killed By Death #41” compilation lp)

    “Feed The Animal”- Rik & the Pigs (from the 7” on Total Punk)

    “Implausible”- Pronto (from the “Pronto” lp on Slovenly)

    “My Secret Life”- S.I.B. (from the “Killed By Death d’Italia” compilation lp)

    “I Don’t Care What The People Say”- Helmettes (from the “I Don’t Care-The No Fun and Plurex Singles” compilation lp on Pseudonym)

    “I’m Always Wrong”- Lumps (from the “We’re Loud-90’s Cassette Punk Unknowns” compilation lp on Slovenly/Black Gladiator)

    “Fooled Again”- Action Swingers (from the “Complete London Toe Rag Session” lp on Cheap Date)

    “Dead Hand”- Gentlemen (from the 7” on Episode Sounds)

    “Viscous”- Sick Thoughts (from the 7” on Episode Sounds)

    “No Desire”-Jack & the Rippers (from the “Pogo Punks” compilation lp)

    “No Motivation”- Ausmuteants (from the “Amusements” lp on Aarght)

    “Take Pleasure In Someone Else’s Pain”- The Spits (from the “Kill The Kool” lp on In The Red)

    “Padded Cell”- The Mentally Ill (from the 7” reissue on Last Laugh)

    “Something Came Over Me”- Throbbing Gristle (from the 7” on Industrial)

    Thanks to anyone…