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BACK from the GRAVE: Halloween Ball '09 featuring THE MUMMIES!

  • Well, So much for promises. I never got my Minolta sorted with a flash and I also still need to buy a battery for it. And to top it off I didn't actually get to see the MUMMIES at Shinjuku Loft. Tickets sold out lightning quick and I was feeling rundown after partying several nights with SHLONK, a scummy Canadian band that hit Tokyo for Halloween week. However, my girlfriend did muster up the strength to stay out all nite after seeing SHLONK with me at Nakano Moon Step (more on that later). She used my Pentax digicam and came back with some alright pics! And here's some of the GO-DEVILS in neko neko mode: I missed a bunch of other cool shit like Dai from the BAIT ONES joining THEEE BAT onstage... The Fly & Miss Tarantula, Jackie & the Cedrics, 5678's... this list goes on and on and on. And also some bizarre announcement I read about that the MUMMIES decided to actually be mummified upon their deaths?! Well, kinda pissed it was the first Back from the Grave Halloween Ball I missed in two years, but hanging with SHLONK was a week-long roller coaster of scum and villainy that I'll post about next! DEMONIC FREAK SCENE! Get the BAIT ONES and THE GO-DEVILS on one CD here!