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GOLDEN ♦ Dark alt-country & post-punk from Japan

  • Over the past several years GOLDEN has been bringing their erratic city slicker swagger to Tokyo's live house circuit. With jagged post-punk guitars melded to dark country mandolin playing, the trio has drawn comparisons to NICK CAVE and GALLON DRUNK. In 2009, they were picked up by the fledgling Tsurumi Records and subsequently released their first album on CD and vinyl.

    They will be on tour in the US starting this weekend. First gig is Fri. Feb. 19th at SNUG HARBOR in New Paltz, NY, they will play next in Boston on Sunday nite and then finally swing down to NYC and play in Brooklyn the following weekend. I will try to get exact dates and post them in a comment.

    Get their self-titled CD at Pacifiction Records:

    GOLDEN is also available on CD and LP at Tsurumi Records:

    And here's a sample of their live show, visit GOLDEN's Youtube profile for more clips: