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HEAL THE COAST - A Homespun Tsunami Benefit

  • I put this benefit comp together way back last May but haven't done much to promote it. Five months on, there are still people in need and much recovery still going on, not to mention the uncertain future for those who lived and made their living around the Fukushima nuclear plant. That being said, please take the time to read this blog and check out the page where you can download the comp.

    Over the past year Pacifiction Records has evolved in some strange ways... spinning off a record label, organizing events, hosting & DJ-ing our own parties in the heart of Tokyo's garage punk scene.... And then, on March 12, the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, subsequently unleashing a towering tsunami causing immense damage and agonizing loss of life along the northeastern coast of Japan. Fortunately, I am located in Yokohama, just southwest of Tokyo and pretty much out of harms way. Not to say that my area wasn't affected... streets were cracked around Yokohama station causing businesses to remain closed for months, aftershocks continued to rattle our daily lives, numerous neighborhoods experienced energy-conserving rolling blackouts and, because of panic-buying, bread, eggs, milk and other goods were scarce on store shelves for several weeks. Then the fear of nuclear-fallout preyed on everyone's consciences causing a stall in the restarting of Tokyo's nightlife and live house scene. However, charity events soon popped up and donation buckets appeared on bar counters.

    As various foreign celebrities like Lady Gaga and Liam Gallagher started their own campaigns for Japan, so did underground efforts begin to mobilize. The UK-based Independent Creative Movement compiled a three volume benefit series titled Punk4Japan with a diverse and raucous roster of bands throwing down to help raise money for Red Cross actions in Japan. Influenced by these efforts, Pacifiction Records contacted numerous Japanese indies bands from a wide array of current scenes ranging in style from garage to punk, ska, psychobilly and Irish folk punk, as well as a few bands from the UK, North America and Taiwan who have strong ties to the local scene to join together for a homegrown charity compilation titled HEAL THE COAST: A Homespun Tsunami Benefit. This downloadable compilation is available on the Pacfiction Records website and features numerous bands familiar to our customers like ED WOODS, THEEE BAT, SPOOKEY, DREX and DOING LIFE. Special thanks are in order to TAKUMiX at Modernedge Records and The Japanese Bastard from UNCLEOWEN MUSIC for their song donations. All proceeds from HEAL THE COAST go to the Japanese Red Cross Society. It is a limited release and will no longer be available after May 31, 2012, so get it now and help the people of Japan get a step closer past this agonizing tragedy.
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