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THE FADEAWAYS - (I Wanna Get Some) Action! - New 7" Single!

  • Swamp Fiction (that's the label branch of Pacifiction Records) has been hard at work releasing new & amazing garage punk from the Far East! The latest news is that THE FADEAWAYS, a Japanese band know for crunching up classic North West style garage has been chucking it back Stateside. They performed a short tour of the North East earlier this November, and Swamp Fiction completed their US debut 7" single just in time for them to sell-out of it during their 6 show run!

    THE FADEAWAYS brought 50 copies of "(I Wanna Get Some) Action" with them on the road and not a one was left for them to take back to Japan! Lucky for you, you can grab them a Pacifiction Records! The B-side is a cover of Texas trashers THE TROLLS' "That's The Way My Love Is," done faithfully and with enough of that eastern edge to keep you spinning it over and over. And did I mention, it comes in colors? Yes, each record is a pressed with uniquely random colors to give it that collectible knack!