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Meet the Audio Kings (Robt Fowler)

  • Meet Robert Fowler (Bass Guitar) Interview


    Tuesday, Apr  8 @ 11:04 AM

    Meet Robert Fowler (Bass Guitar) Interview

    After an exhaustive search asking everyone we know, scouring Facebook, trolling Craigslist and night clubs, we found the replacement bass player we were looking for. For us - Funkiness, Aggressive Pick Style and Attitude were main factors on our choice.
    To introduce you  - Enjoy this interview!
    1. Who the hell are you?
    I am Bob Fowler I asked for a guitar for my birthday when I was 19 I got it for Christmas. Mom ordered it from the Sears catalogue, I was tired of playing air guitar.  A few years later I bought Fender Squire Bullet. Was fortunate enough to find the right musicians in Allentown My first band was The Blessing and we stayed together until I moved to Philadelphia and joined Zonic Shockum ( ). I played with them for a few years and then joined More Fiends who I had the distinct pleasure of playing with for the next 7 years. ( )
    2. I knew I was going to be an Audio King when...
    Jack and I agreed at the end of our first rehearsal that we should get together again.

    3. I started playing bass when...
    My church's choir director was forming a praise band. Some contemporary Christian band have as many as 7 or 8 acoustic guitarists. She asked me if I would play bass. I owned a bass. I said yes. I get to sing, Nobody complains .I've managed to hit a few notes.

    4. My all time biggest influences are:
    You can generally tell by a bands live performance how much it means to them and how much energy they are willing to expend communicating that to the audience. The two performers who made that explicitly clear to me were Nick Cave and Iggy Pop.

    5. I'm originally from...
    New Cumberland, PA. Its across the river from Harrisburg. Surprisingly its still PAs last bastion of heavy metal.

    6. The best show I ever played was...
    The Blessing when we opened for Gene Loves Jezebel at The Airport Music Hall in Allentown. It was my second time performing live.
    About 700 people. Full production. Really loud. I was the last one off stage and watching my band mates jumping up and down in the dressing room brought me a lot of joy, which brings us to the next question.
    Same band Same venue. Opening for Joan Jett. We got booed for the majority of our 20 minute set. I had technical difficulties.
    We went from star struck to we suck.

    7. When I'm not being a 2nd rate Rock God I am...
    There isn't any 1st rate there just is and I am that.
    Its a yoga thing I am working on. When I achieve true enlightenment, then you are going to see the real me rock (He can almost levitate)

    8. I am currently grooving to...
    Audio Kings of the third world. We have a show to get ready for in May 16th at Kung Fu Neck Tie. That is my primary focus. Until I have reached competency on the required playlist, there will be no grooving to any other music. I don't need to get any bad songs stuck in my head. I promise you we will not let you down

    9. The craziest thing that ever happened to me is when...
    I was working for 76 Carriage Company in Philadelphia at 3rd and Bodine St. Near Ortliebs. At the end of my night shift, my horse Prince decided to bolt when I was walking him back to his stall. Prince was a little faster than me. My lungs gave out when I reached Girard Ave.
    On the walk back to the stables I considered my options. Disappear into the night or borrow the money to replace the horse. Prince was waiting for me in his stall when I got back to the stable.

    10. My bass rig consists of...
    Spector Bass