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Setlist from The Hunger April 29th, Cat Club SF

  • This is what I played.  I think it went well.

    Ooh Poo Pah Du - The Masonics
    HellBop - 13 Cats
    Put Your Cat Clothes On - Carl Perkins
    Route 66 - Them
    Yesterday's Numbers - The Flamin' Groovies
    All Day and All of the Night - The Kinks
    Midnight to Six Man - The Pretty Things
    I Wanna Be Your Man - Suzi Quatro
    My Name Is Tom - The Jigsaw Set
    Do Like Me - The Uncalled For
    Twirling Around - Thee Attack
    Badger - Jarvis Humby
    Hush - Kula Shaker
    Baby I Need You - The Curiosity Shoppe
    Suicidal Flowers - The Crystal Chandelier
    Somewhere Nowhere - The Chesterfield Kings
    Phantom on my Mind - X-Ray Harpoons
    I Confess - The Lyres
    Be Bop A Lula - The Last
    This Ain't My Time - The Barracudas
    Ain't No Friend of Mine - Sparkle
    I Need More - The Cynics
    Mindreader - Ten High
    Baby Du Jour - Roy Loney and the Phantoms Movers
    Leave Me Alone - The Meteors
    Give Them What They Want - The Love Me Nots
    American Beat - The Fleshtones
    Desolation Row - My Chemical Romance
    Crawdaddy Simone - The Horrors
    Wild Teens - The(Incredible)Staggers
    Teenage Kicks - The Undertones
    Homicide - 999
    The Day The World Turned Day-Glo - X-Ray Spex (RIP Poly Styrene)
    God Save The Queen - The Sex Pistols (My opinion of the "Royal Wedding" media circus)
    We Are The One - The Avengers
    Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric
    Strycnine - The Fuzztones
    Theme from The Munsters - Los Straitjackets
    Black Hearse Cadillac - The (Incredible)Staggers
    Girl in Black - The Groovie Ghoulies
    Vampyros Heteros - Jarvis Humby (Funniest couple lines of lyrics EVER!)
    Darkside - 13 Cats
    Pictures of Matchstick Men - The Chesterfield Kings
    Five Years Ahead of My Time - The Nomads
    Dead - Batmobile
    Needle In The Camel's Eye - The Wolfmen
    All This and More - The Deadboys
    Hold Tight - Dee, Dozy etc
    Glendora - The Downliner's Sect
    Glove - The Horrors
    Teenage Head - The Morlocks
    Formaldehyde - The Graveyard Farmers