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    Mighty Shakers

    'The Hang Of It'

    posted 2011-06-24

    My Greek origins might make some people believe that they tend to make me fantasize about a great quality rock scene in Sirtaki country, but look at the facts, there's actually quite a few amazing bands in Greece nowadays and MIGHTY SHAKERS are the perfect example.
    To my great delight, Johnny Ted, the leader of this Athenian gang is using the same ingredients that made me love COSMIC TEDS, his former band although years have passed and the sound can't be the same anymore.
    In these days of musical scarcity (at least for me), here are some perfectly played and produced tracks that lead us on the roads that HANOI ROCKS, JOHNNY THUNDERS and WAYNE COUNTY once walked on. We also get to harder territories, following BACKYARD BABIES' traces. What else could you ask for?
    Believe me, "The Hang Of It" is an album that is as jarring as the artwork the band chose is surprising./Franckie.
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