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  • stagger, three bad jacks, parafiliacs, sonic youth, robert fripp, roxy music, charts, fastbacks, staggers, the damned, scientists, captain beefheart, bo diddley, the drags, munitionettes, flaming sideburns, hate fuck trio, unsacred hearts, the loft, x davis, mujeres, bad roads and the hard-on's the archers, tim kearns, muslims,the obits, siouxsie and the banshes, t-rex, roxy music, oblivians, the revelators, killing joke, the liars, mojo men, piero umiliani, circus, the charts, the sonics, x, detroit cobras, the seeds, the voyageurs, mueran humanos, flying lizards, throbbing gristle, tropic of cancer, os pazuzuzs, the wyld, heptones, smith. the glove, replacements, psychedelic furs, young marble giants, lime spiders, three johns, tigarah, nina hagen, tome waits, ike and the capers, ken nordine, rezurex, los gatos, locos, ghoultown, the raymen, the selector, feederz, the mekons, my life w/the thrill kill kult, new bomb turks, new christ, new york dolls, nico, nirvana -so it's 11:55pm right now - early start to the show tonight... will post more tracks as the come up - right now i'm spinin' mueran humanos (off/from garage punks hideout by the way - a fuckin brilliant band let me add) w/festival de las luces. there is an hour left to the show so... let's see how far into this playlist we go - thanks for tunein' in and to all have a very messy x mass - too all the naughty boz n girrls out thereĀ  - wink