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Episode # 113 Fri night show 7pm-9pm est of punks and other dv8's / garage thang

  • andre brasseur, sahara hotnights, tv tvs, suicide, hunting accident, bad roads, the casanovas, derrick morgan, bobby aitken, the saints, razar, suzi quatro, the oholics, the nugs, stomachmouths, the drags, link wray, white mystery, wyld, mujeres, the three johns, groovie ghoulies, idle times, catholic spray,screamin' mee-mees, stp, gore gore girls, ike and the capers, evil idols, mondo movies music, the meteors, the stranglers, os paszuzs, the hussy, the hard-ons, oblivians, munitionettes, evilidols, x davis, ettes, she, the green hornets, unsacred hearts, count five, the stooges, the drags, the gories, the creeps, the ascots, the above, mexican moustache, the barbarians, surf coasters, sahara hotnights, das black milk, chrome cranks, strike anywhere, cicadelics, voyageurs, the windbreakers 60 tracks total