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play list for feb 11th/12th otaku no ongaku #21 the indust/exper. show of Punks and Other Dv8's #118

  • OTAKU NO ONGAKU INTRO - Cyanotic - a still light of sun, Rabbit Junk - bubble (alt. version), SITD - code red, AA= w/coLors, Acretongue - dranonfly, Drowning Susan - everthing, Violet Winter w/exosphere (windimoto's bullet in the hand remix), Aestheic Perfection - Inhuman (COMBICHRIST remix), Run DMC - it's trickey (pretty lights remix), Birthday Massacre - left behind, VnV Nation - Nova, Cellmod Distraud - trail effect (distraub remix, - transition

    most of these are new releases - enjoy!