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play list for feb 5th 2012 show make up show : punks and other dv8's/garage thang

  • intro - meat beat manifestio - international, reigning sound - your love is a fine thing, the fall - seventies night, dirtbombs - stupid, jack oblivian - stop stalling, the ghastly ones - attack of robot atomico, deadly ones - surfin' dock side, frantic five - lair liar, the volcanoes - oh oh mojo, zakary thanks - bad girl, voyageurs - freak cave, the staggers - do the ripper, the barbarians - take it or leave it, frantics - (do the) jacknife, space cossacks - journey to the stars, the seeds - pictures and designs, gants - oh yeah, the fall - glam racket, jack oblivian - hong kong girl, angry samoans - lights out, willy deville - runnin' through the jungle, nep-tunes - blue planet, crimson shadows - you can't come down, X - once over twice, fadeaways - ugly man, warlocks - evil eyes again, relelators - ain't that hatin' you baby, ok go - all is not lost, the germs - forming, f.m. einheit and his orch w/gry - count to down, decoder ring - ether, galaxie 500 - blue thunder, the defectors - dancing ghouls, robert johnson and the punchdrunks - rope-a-dope, kip tyler - she's my witch, the drags - shovel fight, jack obivian - crook for your look, crime and the city solution - home is far from here, wanda jackson - funnel of love, slim harpo - strange love, rex gavin - oh yeah!, dirtbombs - motor city baby, dale hawkins - tornado, lime spiders - space cadet, fifth order - goin' far, black angels - prodigal son, the maybellines - happiness digest, demolition doll rods - queen bee drag racin', nightriders - lookin' for my baby, bad karma bekons - doda snake, rowland s howaard - (i know) a girl called johnny, the germs - lexicon devil, undertakers - born in a grave yard, the morlocks - in the cellar, reigning sound - lyin' girl - 56 tracks o fun... enjoy!