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Episode #130 live from the pink palace - punks and other dv8's / garage thang

  • the frantic five - liar liar, the screamin' mee mee's - judas, the come-ons w/i'll show you why, those naughty lumps - iggy pop's jacket, zackary thanks - bad girl, voyageurs - freak cave, the fuzztones - all black and hairy, frantics - do the jacknife, the trashmen - new generation, three bad jacks -pain in the heart, 50 milers - grunt, the neanderthals - jungle zombies, X - once over twice, the ghastly ones - attack of robot atomic, vern pullens - bop crazy baby, invisible surfers - poison pussy, carlos and the bandidos - a murder of cows, gene summers and his rebels - taboo, the trashwomen - daddy love, kip tyler - she's my witch, crimson shadows - out of my mind, the chop tops - triple deuces, the hexxers - you put me on, the hard-ons -something i didn't want, the backdoor men - going her way, v.i.p.s. - causing complication, new bomb turks - continental cats, the casanovas -born to run, frantic the - the whip, pussycat and the dirty johnsons - vampire sugar, mercury rev - vampire blues, hipbone slim and the kneetremblers - i hear and echo, the castaways - goodbye baby, tav falco + panther burns - jungle rock, the neanderthals - 2000 pound werewolf, the undertakers - sheila, thee gravemen - my girlfriend is a werewolf, jack oblivian - hong kong girl, intruders five - ain't coming back, voyageurs - uv rays, the fifth order - today(i got a letter), the come-ons w/ mesmerizer, the von zippers - hot rod monkey, los holy's - psicoldelico desconcido, zro4 - poor poor girl, zomina and the skeletone -spring heeled jack, zombie ghost train - girl u want, van dykes - break my heart, the undertakers - i tried, the rocketz - vampire's sorrow, jack oblivian - crook for your look, chrimson shadows - vampire, wally willette - pink elephants, uxb - crazy today, the flys - ec4, the chants - your witchdoctor, the green hornets - rendezous, roky erickson and the aliens - i walked with a zombie, reigning sound - lyin' girl