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re podcast for 2nd sat. of each month - otaku no ongaku - indust./exper. show

  • hey just thought i'd mention bout the 2nd sat. of each month - i split my show w/a mate of mine in japan and it's sort of west vs east/east vs west 

    mostly industrial, experimental, ambi/tecno

    i know most of you that are on this site are not into that style o music but, hey some of the kids out there are closet industrial freaks so

    - shrug - i cover their urges - lol

    just wanted to mention that i am not goin to bother posting the play list for those shows - fig. since most of yeahs are not into it - why bother, if you do what to know what is on the play list drop me a message and i am more than willing to send you the play list - the stuff i so spin for those shows are new /per releases and or promo stuff so i am sort of ahead of the shops.... hey some people live eat shit the same way we all live eat and shit garage - to each his/her own

    thanks to all