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Friday nite may 18th 2012 Episode #134 of Punks and Other Dv8's - Garage Thang's Revenge Part 1

  • Intro - joe boot and the fab. winds - rock and roll radio, fleshtones - dance w/the ghouldman, backdoor men - going her own way, undertakers - born in a graveyard, hipbone slim - catch some rays, the archers - costa rica carnage, green honets - dig the fuzz, groovie ghoulies, funny funny, chocolate watchband - sweet young thing, flipper - talk is cheap, the germs - lexicon devil, the hawaiians - rock and roll overdose, infoaitis - beat girl, minutemen - voodoo slaves, dirtbombs - i'll wait, chants - your witchdoctor, the gruesomes - one good reason, hexxer - let's dance, weirdos - modern day freak, frantic five - miss blue jeans, miracle workers - rnr revolution in the streets, count five - people hear what i say, the fleshtones - i was a teenage zombie, the get wets - beat beat, jfa - great equalizer, uzis - i wanna go, the backdoor men - out of my mind, four fours - go go, april march - chick habit, boris and the sprinklers - turn that tv off, randy - we're all fucked up more or less, trash emperors - blackout, the chants - neighbour neighbour, court jesters - roaches, gruesomes - bikers from hell, the hawaiians - hula on mars, the jujus - do you understand, fever tree - i can beat your drum, the ovaltines - white rabbit, the happy kids - seven are the horns of satan, wild giraffes - love me, jfa - out of school, the kicks - defeatist beat, green hornets - yeah!, undertakers - lookout, shirley maclaines - cigarette, the what-nots w/i was a fool, annabee-nox w/bo bo boogie pack, the bel-aires - ya ha be be, can - vitamin c, the defectors - i want blood, the obits - pine on, the plague - go away, the chrome cranks - black garage door, jfa - jfa, the nomands - grey and the black.

    end of part 1 - Part 2 Saturday nights show - episode 135 may 18th/19th 2012