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Punks and Other Dv8's - Garage Thang's Revenge Part 2 Episode #135 20th May 2013

  • this podcast is sort of fucked - truth be told - had a ton of tech problems - not sure if it was my provider or what - was sent an email bout fireworks blowin' a transformer near me so fig. that was prob. what/why it was so crazy - might re do/re air the last 15-20 min. of the show - next episode - i know there was a few track that just went the way of... -shrug-

    but this is the playlist for what was aired - again sorry for that

    also a Heads up - will be spinin' ever Fri. nite - till mid/end of JuneĀ  from 7pm-9pm and also Sat. nites as normal

    intro - rock n roll radio, the fuzztones - face of time, the friggs - i cringe, love me nots - do what you do, outsiders - backwards, upside down, flamin' gr...oovies - around the corner, the apemen - intoixca, chocolate watch band - it's all over now baby blue, evil eyes - honey please, ike and the capers - interstate fizz, lester bangs and the delinquents, the defectors - dancing ghouls, desmond dekker - it pays, the ethiopians - last train to skaville, the mad - i hate music, mr green vendetta - yeah, yeah, yeah!, uncle acid & the dead beats - over and over again, wild evel & the trashbones - why can't we be, the dirtbombs - stupid, the groovie ghoulies - i wanna have fun, the monofones - alright, the morlocks - i'm a man, the standells - all fall down, destroy all monsters - goin' to lose, the fadeaways - bad time, freinds - empty handed, hipbone slim and the kneetremblers, mr airplane man - johnny johnny, sherif and the ravels - shambalor, thee witch hazel martinis - what you deserve, vern pullens - bob crazy baby, the versa...tones - bila, del lames - feel so lame, earl bostic - jungle drums, fm knives - usless and modern, hollywood vines - cruisin', stacey bengal and the six outfielders - i come to demolish cleveland, susan lynne - don't drag no more, frantic five - i believe you were wrong, the love me nots - shaken, sting rays - how much more, after this it gets screwy - round stacey bengal's track it also started to skip - that has never happened to any of my shows... so not goin to bother w/what was - just goin to re spin next show.... truth be told was also on way too much coffee even for me - again sorry - lol