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sunday show 10th/11th june episode 142 punks and other dv8's / garage thang

  • intro , zeros - getting nowhere fast, neal ford and the frantics - good men (are hard to find), the gories - great big idol with the golden hair, century's - hard times, the la de da's - how is the air up there, the killcreeps - humanoids from the deep, fever tree - i can beat your drum, the answer - i'll be there, royal trux - inside game, the hexxers - knockin' on gravestones, gories - land of a thousa...nd dances, telekrimen - las creaturas del doctor moroe, braineaters - last date, agent orange - last goodbye, the delvetts - last time 'round, mojomatics - last train, the castaways - lair liar, the obits - lillies in the street, the gants - little salad boy, them - little girl, the clique - little miss lucy, man or astroman?, lizard king attacks, little willie john - love, life and money, andre williams - m-m-movin', countfive - mailman, pandoras - melvin, royal trux - mercury, stingrays - militant tendency, the weirdos - modern day freak, dick dale - mr peppermint man, the persian rugs - mr tripper, the elites - my confusion, hipbone slim and the kneetremblers - my knees are tremblin', larry and the blue notes - night of the phantom, pandemonium - no presents for me, 7 negro - noche de horror, lee king - on my way, the epics - on the rocks (intoxia),  the mockingbirds - one by one, the miracle workers - one step closer to you, husbands - orphan boy, hot snakes - our work fills the pews, detroit cobras - out of this world, three bad jacks - pain in my heart, the remaining few - painted air, the beat merchants - pretty face,