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Episode #145 Attack of Garage Thang - Punks and Other Dv8's - June 23rd/24th 2012

  • intro - terry snyder - blue tango, groovie ghoulies - deviltown, braineaters - last date, the makers - they call me black sheep, detroit cobras - out of this world, tv tvs - baby hold on to me, mojomatics -wait a while, the castaways - liar liar, the nerves - are ya famous?, space cadets - time to rock, ronnie dawson - rockin' bones, the hexxers - knockin' on gravestones, hipbone slim and the kneetremblers - my knees are tremblin', fever tree - i can beat your drum, the hard-ons w/then i kissed her, the thanes - when i meet her, the gants - little salad boy, larry and the blue notes - night of the phantom, paul revere and the raiders - steppin' out, the zeros - cosmet...ic couple, man or astroman? - lizard king attacks, the rebs - renegade, oholics - disgraceland, the polecats - bang bang, the cynics - dave v's car, the friends - empty handed, telekrimen - las creaturas del doctor moroe, the nomads - tcp,  the intruders five - ain't coming back, the hexxers - sidewinder crawl, duane eddy - peter gunn, the pandoras - melvin, the fleshtones - dance with the ghoulman, the count five - mailman, the mockingbirds - one by one, the screws - valley, lee king - on my way, the hawaiians - rock n roll overdose, the century's - hard times, the diamonds - the stroll, little richard - the girl can't help it, the... fabolous four - rotten rats, the zeros - don't push me around, answer - i'll be in, the rat's - rats revenge part 1, the music machine - taxman '66, the weirdos - modern day freak, the del vetts - last time 'round, the la de da's - how is the air up there, little willie john - love, life and money, the jailbirds - snakeskin suite, the gories - six cold feet, the scientists - swampland.