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Plastic Sinister Band releases digital single on Bandcamp

  • Sam Sinister, Media Darling, and his band of phony men have released their first official single, Oi! Used to Be a Friend of Mine, on the music site Bandcamp. It features what Sam describes as "1-and-a-half" originals:

    "'Til the Walls Come Down" was a song I wrote years ago, way before Dead City Dealers [the band Sinister originally was the singer for] ever did it. It was originally a rockabilly-ish number."

    The title track, "Oi! Used to Be a Friend of Mine" is a jab at both paint-by-numbers love songs and countless Oi! songs that are about, well, Oi! itself.

    You can find the single at Sam Sinister's Bandcamp site, and get it for free, or pay whatever amount you think it's worth.