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MOODY MONKEY's Album: Releases on Moody Monkey Records

Record releases on Moody Monkey Records

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THEE OUTLETS 1st (MM45-001)
SCOOP: YIHAAA, THE RECORDS JUST ARRIVED! For the moment, you can GET THEM HERE: (or directly in the shop), and And in any cool'n'crazy records shop world-wide soon too (also available from all download platforms starting from June). ABSOLUTE NEW GIRL GARAGE SENSATION! Spread the word, share that pic if you're sexy!!!

CRYPT RECORDS writes: "THEE OUTLETS 1st (Moody Monkey Records) Three girls (incl. Organella of Curlee Wurlee) and one dude from Hamburg, St. Pauli, with their mighty cool four song debut EP: "You're not gonna" is a fast organ driven garage punker, "End of time" a cool ballad that might bring the Headcoatees back in your head, "Sortir avec toi" a mod / power pop cut and "Surprise party à Sankt Pauli" a fun sing along tune that you might think you've heard before, even though you've probably never been to Saint-Tropez, äh St. Pauli! Try it out!! Limited 7" ("

THEE OUTLETS are today's Garage Punk and Beat sensation, straight from Hamburg's St. Pauli. Four original eclectic smashers in English and French by three cuties and one dude. This crew can definitely make songs and will surely electrify you as they did it to me. They offer candy for your ears, rage for your heart, and guaranteed stompers for your feet. Hits Hits Hits! Featuring Organella of Curlee Wurlee! This is their first EP, so get it now before it's sold out!!! Comes out in a stylish cover. On stock starting from TODAY AND for A SHORT TIME ONLY!

After the sensational 3rd album by CURLEE WURLEE! on Moody Monkey Records (cat. n° MMLP-001), get this new garage nugget feat. a Sankt Pauli Hymn (cat. n° MM45-001)!!!

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