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New Single - I'm On / Rock & Roll machine - Radiowave Recordings.

  • New split single (with Hercules II - 7 inch vinyl as god intended) on radiowave recordings that you can now buy on line. I'm On (released today)

    I'm On / Rock & Roll Machine
    ENLIG (DEL 1&2)

    Limited edition clear vinyl (hand numbered for what it's worth) so order now before they are gone.
    Yes yes we know it's the 21st century but we like RECORDS! G'damn it. All the songs are on our garage punkplayer thing if you want a listen.

    Also still available (well it was only released last month).
    Is Rock & Roll Must Die Watch the video here . . .
    Buy on-line and we will send you the MP3s as well (our concession to these crazy modern times). Mention G.Punk and we'll bung in a freebee.