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New album out on Crypt Records


    Legendary Crypt records have been the forerunning purveyors of of dirty garage rock since the 1980s. Crypts ‘Back from the grave’ compilations inspired, and continue to inspire, underground music scenes across the globe.
    The Crypt stables include such inspirational and seminal Luminaries as The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Guitar Wolf, The Gories, Oblivians, Thee Headcoats, New bombTurks, Lyres and Teengenerate.

    Asked by Crypt to produce their fifth single, Atomic Suplex instead delivered an album, which incidentally, bares the converted catalogue number Crypt LP- 100 no less.

    ‘Bathroom party’ is a physical assault of sound that makes slick, overproduced and overhyped rock look at it’s shoes in shame. Who cares if they’re hitting the right chord or tuning their instruments correctly, what counts here is the pure, fiery passion and animalistic explosion of feedback and rock ‘n’ roll.

    Coming very soon. . . . .