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Zero Hour Playlist for 6-10-11: Chocolate Drop

  • New music this week from the Happy Thoughts, Natural Child, Chicken Diamond, Brian Olive, the Useless Eaters and more. Also a tribute to Howlin’ Wolf’s 101st birthday and a set featuring some of Voodoo Rhythm’s latest offerings.


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    Chocolate Drop – Howlin’ Wolf

    Commit a Crime – Big Foot Chester

    Spoonful – Counts IV

    You’ll be Mine – The Gories

    Backdoor Man – T- Model Ford

    Drinkin’ CV Wine – Howlin’ Wolf


    Indiana Girls – The Happy Thoughts

    This is How It Ends – The Beaten Hearts

    I’m Too Square, You’re Too Round – High Tension Wires

    Going Away Tonite – Mind Spiders

    Big Street Time – Ramma Lamma

    Sweet Dirty Love – The Happy Thoughts


    Tribute to Charlie – Cute Lepers

    Red Light – Sticks ‘n’ Stones

    Summer Girl – The White Wires

    With a Girl Like You – Paul Collins

    Out in the City – The Kidnappers


    Local Lunchbox

    All Night Long – The Midwest Beat

    Little Girl – The Sugar Stems

    Sound Guy Introduction – Crappy Dracula

    The Computer That Learned to Watch Television – Crappy Dracula


    Natural Blues - Natural Child

    Down on Your Luck – The Booze

    Factory Smoke – Chicken Diamond

    Lost My Mind – Left Lane Cruiser

    Back Sliding Soul – Brian Olive


    Louisiana Sun – Mama Rosin with Hipbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers

    Send Me Some – The Pussywarmers

    Back to the Country – Sixtyniners

    Prophecy – Rev. Beat-Man  & the Church of Herpes

    Drive You Faster – John Schooley


    You’re Under Arrest – Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs

    Little Latin Lupe Lu – Wild Billy Childish & the Musicians of the British Empire


    Girl I Don’t Know – Bloodshot Bill

    You’re So Right For Me – Ronnie Self

    Rockin’ the Joint – Dexterville

    Please Mr. Sullivan – The Warner Brothers

    Out of My Head, Into My Bed – The Reatards

    Hills of Pills – Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds


    How U Doing – Useless Eaters

    Tina Goes to Work – Nobunny

    All Night Right Away – Quintron

    Nunca Sabras  - Los Vigilantes

    Everyday Boots – The Hussy


    I’m Gonna Be Your Girl – The Love Me Nots

    Dismissed With a Kiss – Spanking Charlene

    Rural Route – The Bottle Rockets

    I Feel So Good – Scott H. Biram


    Sore Losers – The Jack Taylor Experience

    Chocolate in My Milk – The Liminanas

    Slit Wrist Rock-n-Roll – The Overnight Lows

    Jailhouse – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion