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Dwarves - Lick It (The Psychedelic Years) 1983-1986

  • Lick It (The Psychedelic Years) 1983-1986My first attempt at a blog post will be a self serving one. Here is a copy of the Dwarves - Lick It (The Psychedelic Years) 1983-1986 double LP that I am selling on Discogs. 

    Here's the Link. 

    Yeah it's priced at an arm and a leg, but that seems to be what these color vinyl pressings go for these days. These were the first 300 pressed on Green & Pink wax. The last one I sold went for $50 and that is the lowest price it has ever sold for on Discogs. Anyways, this compiles their first LP '"Horror Stories" & the "Lick It" single as well as some tracks that were unreleased prior to this double LP's release in 1999. At their snottiest garagepunk best in my opinion. Here are a few select tracks via Youtube: