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  • Having kids killed my music-loving life for a few years. I was just too tired amd too busy to check out bands in my local concert-hall (Patronaat in Haarlem). At the same time I was financially not able to buy as much stuff i was used to before that time; I quitted my job and started studdying again. So my whole life changed at that time, now a bit over 10 years ago.

    But music allways kept playing an important part in my life. Having my kids meant that i had 2 litle persons to influence. My oldest can not be bothered to much witch loud sounds. But my jongest loves to sit with me in the car, headbanging at Wolfmother, laughing with Ween and rocking with the Wedding Present. She feeld what I feel. And that's good to know. My life wasn't in vain..

    Things are getting easier now. The kids can take care of themselves much more. I regained some energy because of the longer nights I'm having now. I discored downloading and youtube and mostof all I spend loads of time listening to the most wonderfull podcasts over here! Every monday I sit in my beautifull bathtub for 2 or 3 hours with my MP3-player, listening to great shows like You Got Good Taste and radiOblivion. Loving every minute of it! I will probably never go as often to gigs as I was used to (3 or 4 times a week!) and that's ok. I'm an old man now, I don't have the urge anymore to do so. But sitting in my bath listening to sounds from the heart makes me feel just as wonderfull!

    So thanks to Mr the Barber, Michael Kaiser and all the other folks working their ass of for my pleasure! You make people happy!