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El Rey Effects is up and running!

  • Well I went and did it. I'm legitimately building my pedals and selling them on the open market. For some time I've been doing Kustom work and after some influence from my friends/customers I've decided to just do this. 

    El Rey Effects, Kustom guitar pedals built by musicians for musicians.

    I've got my good friend Donny Conrad doing some killer artwork and I've mapped and created some of the best sounding pedals out there. Right now I'm showcasing 4 pedals to start things off, a very nice boost/preamp, a guitar fuzz, bass fuzz, and a tremolo. All sounds good garage bands need!

    The future website will be at but for now we can be found on my facebook page :

    I'm adding pics on here to tease your fuzzy desires, but here's the flagship pedal "The Lucha Fuzz"