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Michele (The Italian Beatnik)'s Album: 60's Italian Beat Bands

An album with photos of 60's Italian beat bands. Also included are photos of 60's foreign beat bands who sang and recorded songs in Italian. Some locations of the Italian beat bands (such as municipalities, provinces and regions) are not known.

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Fausto Leali E I Suoi Novelty
I Novelty are the band of the most famous 60's Italian singer Fausto Leali. The band are from Alessandria, Piedmont. The singer Fausto Leali are from Nuvolento, Brescia, Lombardy. Fausto Leali is famous for two Italian covers of The Beatles songs: "Please Please Me" and "Lei Ti Ama" (She Loves You). The Italian Beatles covers was released in 1963 and 1964.