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Michele (The Italian Beatnik)'s Album: Wall Photos

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I found this 45 rpm record of this Italian pre-beat band called The Flippers. The band is from Rome, Lazio. The record was released in 1961 for the RCA label and contains two songs: "Cha-Cha Dell'Impiccato" and "Baci Cha-Cha-Cha". The song of the a-side is taken from the 1961 movie "Io Bacio...Tu Baci". The song of the b-side is taken from the 1961 movie "Odissea Nuda".


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  • Michele (The Italian Beatnik)
    Michele (The Italian Beatnik) In the band have played the pianist Franco Bracardi, the trumpeter Massimo Catalano, the vibraphonist Romolo Forlai and the famous Italian singers Jimmy Fontana and Lucio Dalla.
    July 22, 2023