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Michele (The Italian Beatnik)'s Album: Wall Photos

Photo 21 of 128 in Wall Photos

Another record from my collection!!! Released from the Norton label, a split single with The Evil in the a-side and The Montells in the b-side!!! Two killer monsters!!! Love it!!!


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  • John Battles
    John Battles You probably know , they were the same band. They nearly broke in the South with a version of "Don't Bring Me Down" , except the line "And then I laid her on the ground" got them censored. There's a "Dirty" version and a "Clean " one , which goes "And th...  more
    December 28, 2018
  • Michele (The Italian Beatnik)
    Michele (The Italian Beatnik) I know the Montells tune Don't Bring Me Down. Is a 60's garage punk mover!!!
    December 29, 2018
  • John Battles
    John Battles But , of course , the original is by (Take your hat off if you're wearing one.) The Pretty Things. The Pretty Things are Dead , Long Live The Pretty Things.
    December 30, 2018